Energy Bio Chemicals S.A is a joint stock legal entity, with 100% Romanian capital, registered in Bucharest, Romania, active in the petrochemical field.

Our assets include the petrochemical plant Carom Onesti – a multi-purpose industrial site spread on 2.46 million m2, containing:

  • storage facilities (more than 18.000 m3 for LPG and C4 fractions, exceeding 40.000 m3 for liquid petroleum and petrochemical products, 10.000 m2 for solid products),
  • production capacities (butadiene, MTBE, LPG, synthetic rubber)
  • fully equipped and operational terminal for the storage and distribution of road bitumen, with an operating and logistical capacity of about 100,000 mts annually
  • transportation infrastructure (railway roads, railway and road tank cars loading and unloading facilities, own rail tank cars) suitable for various types of petroleum and petrochemical products.

Energy Bio Chemicals is certified Quality Management System EN ISO 9001:2008, Certificate No: 20 100 8200 3187 - TUV AUSTRIA - the scope is:
-manufacture and marketing of petrochemicals;
-manufacture and marketing of synthetic rubbers;
-marketing, storage and transport of energy;
-marketing and storage of petroleum bitumen.

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